Teachers force a boy to get a Rakhi tied by a girl, boy jumps off building

We just have to understand a different kind of people in the world. Not all are same. Some don’t bat an eye on painful incidents that happened to them whereas some people keep thinking about it time and time again and then get into a state of melancholy. How many times have we seen people like that in our lives? Let’s take a glimpse at the recent shocking incident that happened in India.

An 18-year-old student jumped off his school building after being allegedly forced by his teachers to get a ‘Rakhi’ tied on his wrist by a girl, the police confirmed the news. They said on Tuesday that the boy was severely injured and is in critical condition.

Credits: India Times

As per the ritual on Raksha Bandhan, the sister happily ties a rakhi (resembles a thread-like appearance) on brother’s wrist and in return, the brother assures to protect her and buy gifts in a bid to strengthen the bond between brother and sister.

“Principal and other teachers of a private school here on Monday called Dilip Kumar Saha and his girlfriend along with their parents. They then asked the girl to tie Rakhi to Dilip and both of them refused to do so. Subsequently, Dilip went to the second floor of the school building and jumped from there,” a police official said.

The boy identified as Dilip was rushed to the nearby local hospital immediately where his condition remains to be critical he said. It is learnt that several students and guardians protested against the school authorities demanding the arrest of the guilty teachers who were solely responsible for Dilip’s critical condition. Police began their investigation as soon as the school authorities lodged a complaint.

(With inputs from IANS)

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