Top 10 websites to download Movies, here’s list

In recent times, movies have captured the fascination of people worldwide, be it the captivating offerings from Bollywood or the glitzy spectacles of Hollywood. Additionally, numerous Korean dramas have gained immense popularity, drawing attention on platforms like Netflix and captivating global audiences. List of websites to download HD movies for free, catering to those who cannot afford Netflix and other paid platforms.

Archive.Org: Top website for free classic movie downloads, great for mobile devices. Movies are organized into various categories (adventure, sci-fi, etc.).

Retrovision: Mobile app enables easy streaming and downloads with a single click. Subscribe to their newsletter for updates on movie releases.


The simplest website for downloading movies is arranged alphabetically and features TV shows, movies, and WWE shows. Easy to use, though ads can be annoying. Movies are updated daily, making it convenient to find the desired content.


YTS is a user-friendly torrent site that serves as a vast library of movies across various genres. Its simple interface allows for easy downloads without any hassle. You can conveniently access high-quality movies in small sizes, perfect for mobile phones to save data. The movies are neatly organized alphabetically and by popularity. While ads can be a downside, the site’s free content makes it worthwhile.


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the top websites to download free movies, offering a vast selection from Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistan, and more. It provides a comfortable and easy way to find movies by searching with their titles. Additionally, YouTube suggests free movies, and the file sizes are relatively small, making it a convenient option for movie enthusiasts. Visit YouTube for a wide range of free movies.


Azmivies is a top-notch entertainment website, assuring access to a vast collection of movies. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick searches and easy navigation through categories. Notably, it stands out as one of the best free movie download sites for mobile users. With the name AZ, you can expect to find any movie you desire on this platform.

1337X movies:

Check out 1337X Movies, a highly popular website for free movie downloads on mobile and PC. They regularly update their site with new movies and are renowned for offering famous old films that continue to captivate audiences. Though the site may experience occasional crashes, it always bounces back to provide a wide selection of old and new movies.


Toxicwap is an excellent free movie download site, offering a wide range of HD movies, TV shows, and series. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation and downloading a breeze. While there are a few ads, they are not as overwhelming as on other sites. Enjoy the latest movies for free in HD quality and have a great time!


Vimeo is an online movie streaming platform that has lots of new and top-rated content from various genres of movies. Vimeo was founded in 2004 and even now, they give you access to tons of movies recorded in clear HD format.

Fou Movies:

Like other free movie download sites. Fu Movies provides free movies and TV shows downloads. It also includes old and new movies. The site is also made across genres with a large collection of movies. You can watch it there may be a movie to help you. Go to Fau Movies.

F movies:

On the list, this may be on top. Like those boring sites that ask for payment. With this, you can download any movie for free. All are arranged in a nice style. It does not allow downloading only recent movies only. But old movies can also be downloaded which makes it fun. Watch f movies.

The Pirate Bay:

PirateBay website is one of the best websites that provides you free HD movies that you can download for free. The website also makes it possible to download movies in different resolutions depending on who uploaded the content.

Apart from downloading movies, you can download any type of content from this website. You can download tutorial videos and games or software on the website, all for free.

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