Shameful! Dalit community members burn religious books including Geeta & Ramayana

A protest can take many forms but nothing justifies the burning of religious texts. In Baliya district of Uttar Pradesh came into light after these pictures went viral on the internet. Members or Ambedkar Samaj Party burnt various religious texts including the sacred Bhagwat Geeta and Ramayana.

The police as of now has refused to give an official statement on the incident but the locals have shown immense anger towards it.

Memebers of the party decided to get together on the crossword and reduced these sacred texts to ashes. Not only books but they also burnt pictures of various Hindu Gods and goddesses. The memebers of this party did not hesitate in insulting these religious texts and were also captured hitting them with slippers on the camera.

The police has decided to remain silent on the matter while the members of the party claim that this action is a response to burning of the constitution in Delhi. They also stated that they do not include themselves in the Hindu community but are Dalits. These people also raised slogans urging Sawarnas to leave India.

Sources believe that the entire act is to create a political conflict in the area. The fact that this was done as a response to burning of the constitution seems a little hard to believe. The entire matter is seen as a religious controversy to create chaos in the area.

Even though the police seems to be on alert after the incident, it is disappointing how they haven’t taken any action against the party members who carried out this disgraceful act.

If you also think that this medium of protest was unethical and should be spoken about , share your views with us in the comment section.


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