Hungry Lion hunts and kills Baby Buffalo- full incident inside

Lion is called the ‘King of the Jungle’ as it’s known for the serene knack of hunting down its prey at the best scene. Lions kill other animals to survive and it’s all part of nature. In the recent video, a hungry lion killed the baby buffalo and ate it.

The fierce lion was patiently approaching towards its prey as you can see in the video down below. An animal needs enough patience in a bid to hunt down the prey and lion waited calmly and then pounced at the baby buffalo only to kill and eat it.

Though this video seems to be real, many believe it’s a staged one. You could sense someone behind the screens taking pictures of the incident. Maybe who knows? The person might have purposely left the baby buffalo out there only to see the lion’s hunt.

Watch the video below to get a complete clarity on the incident:

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