Crazy Man marries a goat, says goat can give lots of joy

Recently, a strange and surprising incident has come to light, the video of which is becoming quite viral on social media. You never know what you will see on social media; this is one such video that will surprise you and make you wonder, “Can this really happen?” A young man from a village chose a goat as his life partner instead of a girl and married her.

In the viral video, you can see a YouTuber interviewing the groom. It’s clearly audible in the video that when the YouTuber asks if he married a goat, the groom replies, “Yes, I married a goat.” The groom explains that he chose to marry the goat because the joy he finds with the goat is not found with any girl. He also encourages other boys to consider marrying a goat.

This video cannot be confirmed. The news has been made based on the video. Instagram handle Navin Sahu has shared the viral video. After watching the video, all the viewers are shocked and surprised because it is difficult to believe such videos but if it is true then it is very strange. Viewers have also shared various types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘He must have committed some sin in his previous life, that’s why this has happened to him. ‘

Another user writes, ‘FIR should be filed against him and he should be given 10 years or life imprisonment under IPC 377.’

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