Kargil Diwas: Real-life Heroes Who Sacrificed their Lives for Our Motherland

Our Indian soldiers are valiant as always. They are never scared of anything that comes in their way. With a primary motive to safeguard the nation with tones of pride, it makes them a class apart. They do everything for us and it’s because of their sheer presence, India is still maintaining it’s status quo loud and proud.

They don’t even hesitate to do their duty even at late nights and sometimes, they don’t sleep too.  This serves as a testament to the fact that they are qualified as ‘real-life heroes’. They give their heart out for the nation. This is why we must adore them to the core.

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Coming to the point, there has always been a complex relation between India and Pakistan owing to a large number of political and historical events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the brutal partition of British India in 1947 where the Kashmiri conflict and the several military conflicts fought between the two nations.

The relationship then soon turned out to be a pure malice and unfriendliness, thereby resulting in hostile behaviour between the two. According to the reports, the war lasted over 83 days from May 4, 1999, to July 26, 1999.

On July 26, 1999, a fierce war came to a close between India and Pakistan where the Indian soldiers displayed exemplary courage. In the process, our soldiers were smart enough to make quick moves. The soldiers climbed the mountains where they had to and they faced bombardments from enemy fire from the hills.

Not just that, they were involved in hand to hand combats. Despite facing such scenarios, our heroes didn’t let the country down and finally, the operation Vijay was declared successful as India trounced Pakistan well and truly in the Kargil war. 

The victorious day since then has been identified and celebrated as “Kargil Vijay Diwas”. In the battle, our nation suffered 527 casualties, in what was the higher Warzone. Apart from that, more than 1300 soldiers were injured. “July 26” is wholly dedicated to our unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives for our motherland.

On the contrary, Pakistan believes that around 453 soldiers were killed but on ground level, the truth is different. It is learnt that over 4,000 Pakistan soldiers were neutralised.

The main cause of the war was due to an infiltration of Pakistani soldiers who were disguised as Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of the Line Of Control which is the border between the two states

How did all start?

As per several documents and reports, 4 Pakistani generals devised a strategic plan in November 1998. The Pakistani soldiers disguised as militants conquered the empty posts of the Indian side during the change of season. It is learnt that Pakistan had occupied 130 posts- an area of over 130 sq. km. The disguised militants infiltrated around 7-10 km into the Indian side of the Line of Control.

This battle of ‘Kargil’ was the well fought on the highest altitude warfare in the history of the world. With the war lasting for over two months, the Indian army comprehensively defeated the Pakistani army back deep across the Line of Control.

Let’s salute the heroes of our nation who sacrificed their lives:

#1. Captain Vikram Batra

#2. Major Padmapani Acharya

#3. Captain Anuj Nayyar

#4. Yogendra Singh Yadav

#5. Captain Saurabh Kalia

#6. Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey

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