First Sikh police officer of Pakistan beaten up, turban was removed by senior officers

The population of Pakistan is not just limited to Muslims but also includes a decent number of Hindus are Sikhs. However, the country isn’t a very safe and comfortable place for these minorities. Unlike India, Pak has very strict and conservative rules and these communities suffer a lot because of the same.

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a Sikh police officer shares his disheartening story. He is the first Sikh officer of Pak Police but he is being subjected to the same kind of behaviour as thieves and goons.

Here’s the video that shows the plight of officer Gulab Singh:

Gulab Singh describes how he is being ill-treated in Pakistan and there is nothing that the government officials are doing to protect him. He was thrown out of his own house and his locked was locked by people who also started beating him. They threw his turban which is a symbol of dignity to Sardars and held him by his hair as they beat them. He also disclosed how these people were sent by the ‘Prabhandak of Gurudwara Committee’ in order to please some higher Pakistani officials.

The goons not only attacked him but also his wife who sustained injuries. Gulab Singh’s plight has been going unnoticed by the Pakistani Government who proudly declared him as the first Sikh Police officer to create a better image in front of the global world and international affairs. All of this was nothing but a drama by the Pak Govt and this is evident by Gulab’s present condition.

Gulab urges people in the video to take notice of his miseries and bring this issue to the notice of Pak Govt. An officer like Gulab needs to be treated with respect and not like goons by influential people.

We request you to share this video as much as possible to justice can be provided to Gulab Singh. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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