Husband sells his land to educate wife, she goes abroad and marries another guy

Jyoti Maurya’s case shocked the country, numerous similar cases came to light and recently a shocking case has come to light from Punjab. Harminder of Punjab sold his ancestral land and sent his wife to Canada for education but the wife went there and got married to another guy. Now the husband is shocked and upset, he has filed a police complaint against his wife.

For 12 years, the husband has dreamed of living a good life with his wife, now he is seeking help from the police to get his wife back at any cost. Before this, the case of Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya was much talked about and now the case of Harminder of Punjab is in the headlines. Harminder was married around 2012, his wife wanted to study further so Harminder helped her in fulfilling her dream but in the end, she cheated on him.

Just after 3 months of marriage, Harminder sells his ancestral land to arrange money and his wife goes to Canada. The victim said that both of them dreamed of a good future and he sent his wife to Canada for studies. During this time he also kept paying his wife’s college fees. Harminder Singh said that initially, his wife kept asking him to take her to Canada. Many times he even attached his file for the application. But, due to incomplete paperwork, he could not get the Canadian visa.

He said that his wife had come to Punjab after one year of studies. When she left here, she was pregnant. But, after going to Canada, his wife got an abortion with the consultation of her family. Now his friends living in Canada have informed him that his wife married another guy in Canada some time ago. When he contacted his wife, she started abusing him. husband when confronted, and threatened him and his family with death. Now his wife has blocked all his phone numbers. The husband’s mother, Surjit Kaur, expressed deep sorrow over her son’s heartbreak after years of hoping to go to Canada.

Surjit Kaur said that she has lodged a complaint in the SSP office and has appealed to the police for justice. At the same time, the police have assured the victim Harminder Singh that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and he will be given justice.

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