Saffron Party BJP ignores Pak Hindus, They returned to Pak, converted to Islam

Hindu minorities of Pakistan had come to India looking for a better life but their hopes and dreams have been shattered by the government.

They had imagined that they would finally get rid of all the atrocities in Pakistan and begin a fresh life but the delay that has been taking place in order to provide them citizenship is leading to their departure back to Pakistan.

Number of Hindus returning back to Pakistan has increased over time and over 2,000 Hindus have already left India. Not only are they leaving but some of them are also converting to Islam because of the strict rules in Pakistan. Pakistan happens to be the only nation where an army Colonel is not promoted beyond this designation if he is not a Muslim and the country also has conservative rules regarding marriage hence some of the Hindus who went back to Pakistan decided to convert to Islam.

A few years ago India had announced that it will give citizenship to Hindus fom Pakistan and this responsibility was given to the district collectors but the results have been extremely poor. The rules and laws for giving citizenship are very tough and the Hindus from Pak seem to be facing a lot of disappointment.

It has been over ten years since Hindus from Pak have been waiting for citizenship in Western Rajasthan but all their efforts and pateince has been in vain. Centre had organised camps to give citizenship twice but in these camps only forms were filled and formalities were completed but no one was given citizenship. According to an affidavit submitted in high court by the FRO and CID SP Shweta Dhankar a total 968 Pak displaced Hindus have returned to Pakistan between 2015 and 2017 which can be accounted as a major failure for the BJP Government.

Since the beginning of 2018, 59 Hindus have gone back to Pakistan while this number of merely 6 people back in 2016. The drastic increase in the number of people returning should leave the officials in charge concerned.

The BJP government in power unapologetically spreads the Hindu propaganda and also talks about it but what’s the point if they can’t deliver what they preach and promise. The migration of these Hindus back to Pakistan is not only failing us as a nation but failing the government that has been helpless in providing any aid to these people.

This is what Hindu Singh Sofa, president of Seemanth Lok Sangathan had to say about this:

“Central government took many years to make policies for Pak displaced Hindus and although last year the government made few policies but they are not being implemented.Few collectors were given power to give citizenship but due to many reasons they are not able to do so.”

Don’t you think this is the negligence of the government for Hindus who came here looking for a better life? Share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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