Meet Lt Bhavana Kasturi- The First Female Officer To Lead All-Male Contingent At Republic Day

In a first, a lady officer scripted history as she led a contingent on the Army Day parade. Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi took charge to lead the Indian Army’s Service Corps (ASC) contingent, including 144 male personnel, on the 70th Republic Day.. This parade is significant because the ASC is taking part after a gap of two decades.

The grand celebrations kick-started as Major Khushboo Kanwar led an all-woman Assam Rifles contingent, Captain Shikha Surabhi showcased a stunt by standing on a moving bike.

She led the contingent of the India Army Service Corps ever so well. Major General Rajpal Punia, Deputy Parade Commander of this year’s Republic Day parade said: “This Republic Day parade will also be an amazing display of ‘Nari Shakti’ (women power), as many contingents will be led by women, besides an all-women contingent of the Assam Rifles.”

Lt Kasturi lauded the army for this opportunity adding that it was a change that is taking place in the whole structure, which is the acceptance of more and more woman officers.

She also showered praise on the Army for this opportunity and said, “This shows the kind of acceptance, the change and the evolutions which is happening in the entire organization. This shows acceptance for woman officers also.”

With countless efforts and tonnes of practice being put into this, she said: “Our center is in Bangalore and I’m coming from our regimental center and it’s been six months we are practicing. Along with me, there are two male officers from the center are practicing as contingent commanders,” Kasturi said while speaking to the Daily Pioneer.

Talking to the publication she said that the higher authority in the army was striving hard for the permanent commission of the lady officers and they are also lauding the efforts being put in by them. Like Lt Kasturi, many more officers make every citizen of India proud and encourage women to follow their dreams.