Know How This Startup From Hyderabad Is Solving Hard Water Problems

They say that if there is going to be a third World War, it will probably be for water. The kind of environmental crisis that we are going through, every step towards conserving and making the best of what is available counts.

Hyderabad, just like a lot of other cities in the country has Hard Water that leads to calcification of bathroom fittings, whitening on Taps, Utensils, Hair Loss, etc.  Rajesh Saraf, a resident of Hyderabad got an expensive softner installed.  However, the procedure was expensive and Rajesh decided to discontinue using this water softener plant due to its maintenance and expense.

It is then when he came across his childhood friend Uday Nadiwade who comes from a Product Development background and they decide to address this issue.  The two of them wanted to design products that would Better, Faster and Cheaper than other products available in the market and that’s how they came up with BEFACH 4x range of products.

Uday Nadiwade with Rajesh with the product

Their research and numerous lab tests resulted in a product that requires zero maintenance and installation and is also environment-friendly, which means it won’t be leading to water and electricity wastage.

Their product uses food grade media to remove the stickiness of Calcium ions. So, even while calcium continues to be in the water, it will not stick to bathroom fittings or even to the hair, for that matter.  It just needs to be dropped in the water tank and hence does not require cutting of pipes or involving a plumber for this process.

The product is available on Amazon ( and their official website ( for only 3,600 rupees while the process of involving a softner plant can cost around 30,000 rupees.

Uday mentions that it is not the India wide sales of the product that makes them feel accomplished but the fact that the customers have been reviewing this product with all positivity and are also referring it to others.

Not just this, Uday and Rajesh also plan on developing a low-cost drinking water solution that could reduce the cost of drinking water to 50 paise for a litre!

People like Uday and Rajesh have done their bit for the environment by designing such products and we can do ours by using them in our lives!

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