The Indian Army Avenges Aurangzeb’s Death Right After The BJP-PDP Fallout

A 25-year-old rifleman was returning home for Eid when he was reportedly abducted by the Lashkar-e-taiba and brutally shot to death. This young man was Aurangzeb hailing from a rural Poonch family who wanted to serve the nation just like his father.

The entire nation was in a state of shock when this young soldier was shot dead in the most brutal form. He was tortured for hours before this terrorist organization fired bullets at him, killing him to death. The least we could do as a nation for this martyr is make sure that he gets justice, that his culprits are punished and it looks like we have managed to do it.

Source: India times

The BJP-PDP Government in Jammu has collapsed and according to reports, this gives the Centre the authority to flush away terrorists. The civilian administration under the ruling coalition was making it easier for Pakistan to execute its terrorist activities. Now that the Centre will take over, there is going to be a better political and strategic plan which is going to help in controlling the situation in Kashmir.

A video has been doing rounds on the internet that shows the advent of the Indian Army in the valley. The video claims that the troops have avenged Aurangzeb’s killers by blowing up their hideout and this is a result of the BJP-PDP fallout.

This is the strength of our Army and we couldn’t feel more proud of it! Aurangzeb was the nation’s son and his untimely tragic need needs to be avenged.

We would love to know the Youth’s opinion on this alleged revenge taken by the Indian Army. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

(Disclaimer: This news has not be ascertained by officials; however the mobile recorded video is on circulation on social media. TheYouth is sadly unable to verify it)   

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