Caught on Camera: Shameless Cop Tries To Touch Woman At Station, Gets Suspended

Bad Railway cops don’t get much worse than this. In a disturbing incident,that has come to light, a constable of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) was seen touching a woman on Wednesday night. The Railway cop is identified as Rajesh Jahangir. The video recorded by a commuter clearly depicts the accused cop touching a woman on her back who was sitting next to him at Mumbai’s Kalyan railway station.

Passengers near to them, including the woman’s relative spotted the constable touching her and immediately raised alarm. It’s shame to see such a police personnel trying to molest a women in front of public’s view around 10.03 pm at platform number 4/5.

RPF cop Rajesh Jahangir has been suspended for inappropriately touching woman at Mumbai’s Kalyan railway station. (Credits: Youtube Screengrab)

The woman was evidently waiting for the train along with another woman and a baby at night but little did she know that she would face such a bad experience. Railway cop’s duty is to protect the people from danger and but instead Rajesh Jahangir got a bad reputation for doing such an infamous activity which is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values.

The video has gone viral all over the internet. The people who watched the video got annoyed by the cop’s act and vent their anger on the police through social media. Many people who saw this shouted, “complain against the policeman. Hand him over to the security men.”

However, Railway Protection Force suspended constable Rajesh Jahangir with immediate effect and ordered a departmental inquiry following the video went viral on the social media.

Watch the video below