After MS Dhoni, wife Sakshi applies for gun license, says her life is in danger

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni has recently applied for gun licence as she reckons that her life is under threat. Sakshi Dhoni asked for an arms licence as she is seeking to afford a pistol or .32 revolver as reported by Zee Media.

Sakshi clearly mentioned in their application that she stays alone at home and even travels all alone, putting her life in risk and this is why she needed to purchase a weapon to counter the danger. In 2006, MS Dhoni had applied for a gun licence and after being initially rejected his request for a 9 mm had been finally approved.

MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni (Credits:

The Centre gave an approval for license for the prohibited pistol. In 2017, MS Dhoni deftly handled the gun in Kolkata where he was seen practicising the shooting drills off the field. The Kolkata Police heaped praise on MS Dhoni’s shooting accuracy calling it as ‘breathtaking’.

The police had posted on their Facebook page: “The great MS Dhoni takes some time off to practice his shooting skills at our state of the art shooting range this afternoon at Police Training School. His accuracy is ‘breathtaking’.

A top Kolkata-based police official had said MS Dhoni not only displayed his shooting skills at the Police Training School but also provoked the Kolkata Police recruits with a pep-talk during his visit in the afternoon session.

“It’s great to host Dhoni for the second time. He’s an extraordinary marksman and inspired us all,” the top Police official who accompanied Dhoni told PTI. “It’s a state of art shooting range at PTS and Dhoni shot both in the 10m and 25 ranges.”

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