This Honest Bus Conductor returns Bag containing gold worth Rs. 6 lakhs

Bus conductor proved that he is a man of integrity. After when he spotted a bag containing gold ornaments that are estimated to be around Rs 6 lakhs, he didn’t do what everyone probably imagined he would. He set an example of honesty by returning the bag that was left behind by a passenger.

This incident happened six years ago in Mumbai. When bus no. 332 reached the Kurla depot and all passengers left the spot, Ganpat Satre, the bus conductor checked the bus through and through where he came across a bag lying on a seat. Without second thoughts, he quickly picked it up and handed it over to the depot manager. The latter who opened the bag came to know that there were gold ornaments of 200 gm of gold worth Rs 5.80 lakh.

(Credits: Market Watch via Getty Images)

BEST committee chairperson Ashok Patil came to know about the incident after he paid a visit to the Kurla depot. The depot officials had explained to him what had happened. Knowing this, he was impressed by the bus conductor’s honesty. Ashok Patil added further saying that Satre has made the organization proud for his honesty.

“The depot officials told me about the incident. Impressed by Satre’s honesty, I invited him to the BEST committee meeting to honour him for his act in front of other members and officials. His act had made the organization proud,” said BEST committee chairperson Ashok Patil as per TOI.

But, the bus conductor, Satre was quick to say that he had done his duty. He said he was happy that people appreciated him for his integrity and honesty. He said, “I have just followed my duty. I am happy that people have appreciated the act.”

This is not the first time that Satre had handed it over to the depot officials. He previously spotted another bag in the bus at Dharavi depot where he opened the bag to find in it Rs. 4,500 and then did his part by handing it over the officials.

A BEST official said, “We are exploring the possibility of promoting him as it will be an apt reward for him and a motivation for the others in the organization. Satre is an ideal ambassador for BEST at a time when we only hear complaints about the rude behaviour of BEST drivers and conductors.”

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