Salim Khan strangles a Hindu lady to death, buries her burnt body in a Field in Karnataka

In Karnataka, it has happened most shocking incident. A Muslim man named “Salim Munna Khan” fatally strangled a 35-year-old Hindu woman named “Kavita”. Additionally, he burnt her corpse before dumping it in a field in Karnataka. this is a very heinous crime. On social media, the news of this occurrence is becoming quite viral.

According to a Twitter post, Kavita was already married but was living at her father’s house in Alur, Davangere district. Kavita was having an affair with Salim Munna Khan, and they had an illicit relationship. On 23rd February 2023, Kavita informed her parents that she would go to Harihar for some work, but she went with Salim on his bike to a lake near Kunchur.

During this time, a hectic argument starts between them regarding a phone call, and in anger, Salim strangled her to death. To hide the identity of the corpse, he burned it and then dumped it in a deserted field, after this incident he returned home.

Late into the night of 23rd February, when the woman did not return home, Kavita’s father Bhimappa, after searching her daughter’s in-laws’ house in Nittur and everywhere else, lodged a complaint with the police to find his missing daughter. The police had begun looking for the culprit and opening an inquiry into the incident, but they were in the dark regarding the suspect. After four months, the culprit was apprehended after telling a friend about the incident, which was beneficial to the police.

Following this, the police arrested Salim and interrogated him. Based on his indications, the police recovered the remains of the woman’s body from a remote area outside Kunchur village in Hadappanahalli Taluk of Vijayanagar district, Karnataka. This crime highlights the need for justice. This is an extremely heinous crime, to inflict such a painful death on someone out of anger. The culprit should receive the harshest punishment possible so that such ruthless criminals think several times before committing such acts.

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