Shot 9 times, Went to coma- Army officer Chetan is again joining Indian Army

You may have heard/read many stories of bravery. Some of them may be of brave soldiers. But this story is totally different and unique. You will drop your jaw if you come to know the valor of this soldier. The determination he has attained to protect the country at any cost is beyond praise. Now get ready to read his story…

In one of the miraculous incidents India has ever witnessed, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Commandment Chetan Kumar Cheetah who had lost his consciousness and went into deep coma for 50 days, has come back to the state of consciousness after he was gunshot 9 times while fighting against the terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir. To our surprise, he is again joining the his post to serve the nation. He says he wants to be part of Surgical Strike. 

Chetan Cheetah (Credits: India Today)

Doctors at the AIIMS trauma centre said that it was nothing short of a miracle that a person shot 9 times is alive. Chetan Kumar Cheetah spent 50 days in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He was completely unconscious. During the battle when things didn’t go well and terrorists were trying to outdo him, he didn’t give in to the militants and kept on fighting until he killed all of them.But he himself received 9 bullets in his body.

When he was admitted to the hospital, the doctors said that the officer faced bullet injuries in his head and in addition to that, the upper limbs were terribly fractured and the globe of his right eye had ruptured as well. “His GCS score, a test to gauge the severity of brain injury, was M3. He was in deep coma. Now his score is M6. He is conscious and all vitals are stable,” a doctor said two months ago when he was discharged.

In the fierce battle, at least three soldiers attained martyrdom in the encounter in Hajin area of Bandipora district in Kashmir on February 14, where Cheetah got injured badly. Close Sources said terrorists had received information in advance of the attack on their hiding place.

The CRPF commandant was first taken to military hospital in Srinagar where necessary medications were given in a bid to prevent bleeding. However, given the full detail of the injuries and his comatose state, it was decided to transport him by means of aircraft to the Delhi AIIMS trauma centre.

Doctors said that within 24 hours of admission, the operation was performed to eject a portion of the skull to reduce intracranial pressure. Chetan Kumar Cheetah was put on heavy antibiotics to reduce infection and his wounds were repeatedly cleaned.

“Once he was stable, different teams operated separately to treat the injuries. Ophthalmologists took care of the wound in left eye but the right eye couldn’t be repaired; orthopaedics worked on the fracture in the limbs while critical care experts planned his antibiotic therapy,” doctors added.

Uma Singh who is Chetan’s wife said the CRPF commandant’s liking for fitness and strong willpower helped him to get back on track. “He is a very determined person and a fitness freak. I always knew he would recover,” Uma Singh said.

Dr Amit Gupta, professor of trauma surgery and critical care at the centre, said the recovery and its progress was no less than a miracle. Glad that the gallant officer is kicking himself alive and talking.

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