Terrorists would have attacked PM Modi if this brave soldier hadn’t foiled their plan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life was in danger and a terrorist attack took place, but a brave soldier risked his life to destroy this threat. The name of this courageous warrior is Captain Rakesh TR. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to visit Jammu for a public rally on 24 April 2022. Amid strong security for the yatra, inputs were received of a possible suicide attack on the rally.

Captain Rakesh TR, the commanding officer, was tasked with ensuring preparedness to address any terrorist incidents within the area swiftly. Upon receiving information indicating potential terrorist activity in the Jammu district, the alert troop was promptly deployed. As they advanced, Captain Rakesh received intelligence about a terrorist assault on a security forces convoy, with concerns raised about his own safety and potential casualties.

On reaching the contact point in a densely populated area, Captain Rakesh immediately spotted the terrorists using a quadcopter and made tactical moves to create a close cordon around them. Realizing that they were surrounded, the terrorists started firing indiscriminately to break the cordon and move towards the civilian area.

Captain Rakesh, sensing an imminent threat to civilian life, opened heavy fire on a terrorist and killed him and then, without regard to his safety and displaying great courage, advanced towards the terrorist and killed him with precise fire. For his sharp tactical skills, nerves of steel, and unmatched courage under fire while killing a terrorist and preventing a fidayeen attack, Captain Rakesh TR has been awarded the “Shaurya Chakra”.

Giving information about this news, many videos were shared on social media, and after watching, the users shared various reactions. One user writes, ‘Everyone considers Bollywood actors as heroes, the real heroes are our soldiers.’

Another user writes, ‘Sir, those who conquer even death are called only soldiers. Salute this soldier wholeheartedly.

Another user writes, ‘If someone makes a sacrifice for the country, then he is none other than the soldier of the country who stands at the border all the time.’

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