Bye bye 2023, it remained the hottest year in history, India surpassed China in population

The year 2023 has started very fast and this year has given the world a chance to face many interesting and important events. This year was the hottest year in history and India overtook China in population area and also became the most populous country in the world. India’s population reached 142.86 crores. In this article, you will learn about many such big changes that took place in 2023 and because of this, this year will also be very memorable.

India’s population exceeds that of China: For 300 years, China was the most populous country in the world. In April this year, India overtook China and became the most populous country. According to UNFP, India’s population has increased to 142 crore 57 lakh. On average, 56 thousand children are born every day in India i.e. approximately 2 crores in a year.

Heat record was broken: 2023 broke its temperature record along with global warming. While the challenges of climate change are being faced across the world, this year’s heat led to unusual temperatures across different land masses. 2023 has been the hottest year ever. July, August, September, and October broke heat records. July 3, 2023, was the hottest day in the world. The world’s average temperature on this day was 17.01°C. Scientists are citing the changed weather patterns and climate change due to El Nino as the main reason for this heat.

King Charles Coronation: The coronation ceremony took place in the royal family after 70 years and 74-year-old King Charles formally became the king. With the coronation of King Charles III, a new era of Britain’s monarchy also began. The lyrics of the British national anthem, which had been in use since 1745, had to be changed from ‘God Save the Queen’ to ‘God Save the King’. Now the picture of King Charles has started appearing on British coins and notes.

Russia-Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine War is an ongoing and protracted conflict that began in February 2014, primarily involving Russia on one side and Ukraine and its supporting forces on the other. The Russia-Ukraine war continues for the second year i.e. in 2023. At present, both armies are using similar technology for surveillance and monitoring in war. Due to this, the armies are not able to move forward.

Next step with the help of AI XR: 2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence. Chatgpt was launched in 2022 and within a year its capabilities surprised the whole world. Chatgpt does the work that humans used to do very easily. The language model can answer questions and help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, and code.

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