“Shocking: Maharashtra women kill 42 kids for this weird reason, arrested”.

“A disturbing question arises because innocent children can be targeted by killers? That too just to fulfil his purpose! These questions then become meaningless! When it comes to those three serial killer mother-daughters of Kolhapur who killed not one or two but 42 small children by torturing them! Believe me, this is the first face of a woman in independent India, which is so scary and only then She is the first woman to be hanged in independent India!

Yes, this is the story of the three murderous women of Kolhapur, whose story gives goosebumps and it is hard to believe that these three mother-daughters together killed innocent children in six years between 1990 and 1996. fell to death.

The question is why all three women used to do this. Why did she selectively target only small children? Innocent children used to get killed. What a fad it was. And after all, why did these three walks on the path of crime and how did they reach the gallows.

These three women used to steal. But the method that has been invented to avoid being caught while stealing has neither been done by anyone before nor can anyone do it. Earlier, these women used to kidnap children below 5 years from the most crowded places. And then she used to go out for theft with these children. But if someone caught her while doing this, she would have thrown the child near her on the ground with all her might. Now people’s attention was diverted from stealing to the child and she used to run away from there by taking advantage of this opportunity.

This process went on for a long time and all three of them continued to commit crimes with the help of children and would kill them as soon as they got a chance. But it has gone so far in committing crimes against children that even the devil would be put to shame.

Don’t know how many mother’s laps became deserted, but finally the day has come when these three women got busted. In the year 1996, the dead body of a two-year-old innocent child was found at Kolhapur village, bus stop. But the condition in which this dead body was found was shocking. Someone had killed this child by throwing him on an electric pole. Now the question was, what enmity could anyone have with a two-year-old child that he would give such a terrible death to the child. And following this question, the police of Kolhapur village reached the murderer of the child and the police came to know that the child whose body they found was stolen a few days ago. But by the time the police could reach that child, that child was brutally killed. It is unbelievable that a woman who is given the status of a mother should commit such a heinous crime. This is terrible and sad news. It shows how some people use innocent children and kill them mercilessly. Such people should be punished severely so that such incidents never happen again.

Children should neither be let off their feet nor allowed to run wild. This can protect the children and prevent such incidents from happening. We all should keep this in mind.

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