Muslim guy installs an ambulance on his bike to take patients to hospitals himself


43-year-old Mohammad Shahjor Khan, who runs a garage of motorcycles and car in Namapalli, Hyderabad, has created an ambulance that can work with a bike. Let’s know what motivated him to create this ambulance bike and how he runs this bike ambulance …


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In November, last year, 53-year-old beggar in Andhra Pradesh had a story of Ramulu, in which he had taken his wife’s dead body handcuffed to 60 kilometers, without getting an ambulance. Although Ramulu was unable to help his wife and no one had helped him either. Afterwards, all the people expressed sympathy for Ramulu, but there was also a person who thought even after expressing the sensation and made an ambulance that can work with the help of the bike.

Ramulu and his wife Kavita were both suffering from Laprosi and used to beg for their survival. On being not treated properly, Kavita succumbed in front of life to the Lingampalli railway station in Hyderabad. In his native village of Medak district of Andhra Pradesh, he needed a car to finish the last rites of his wife, but no one helped him because he was poor. The auto owners were demanding Rs 5,000, while he did not have even a note of one thousand.

On hearing this incident, 43-year-old Mohammad Shahjor Khan, who ran a motorcycle and car garage in Namapalli, Hyderabad, was very despaired and decided to do something. In just 335 days, he ended up in making an ambulance that can work with a bike. This ambulance priced him only 1.10 lakh. However, the cost of cabin only was about 65 thousand. The rest of the money he expensed to buy ambulance parts. Running with the Hero Honda CD deluxe bike, this ambulance has all the features that should be there in any common ambulance. Shaahjor said, “The news of Ramulu’s wife had shaken me up and I made this ambulance to help the poor.”


Shahjor’s father specializes in customized bike making. Behind his father’s legacy, Shahzor, along with a team of ten, has added this ambulance to Hero Honda Bike. One patient can easily be carried in this ambulance at a time. The special thing is that even in heavy traffic jams, this can easily get way out, while normal ambulance finds difficulty in finding its way.


Shahajor Khan explains that he has built this bike ambulance by keeping Indian roads in mind. Although many hospitals and medical institutes already approached him for this model, but he refused all because he does not want to use it commercially. He wants to help the poor for free.


At present, Mohammad Shahajor Khan wants to make this bike available only for medical center in rural areas. He said that he got inspiration from his father to do this good work which has been working to make modified bikes for the disabled people, since 1975.


He says, ‘My father is my inspiration. From the time, I was only 12 years old, I spent a lot of time in the garage and learned to modify the bikes from my father. He used to modify bikes for the poor and disabled people, so that such people would not have to depend on anyone. Although now my father is not with me, I want to take his dream forward. “

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