Once everyone made fun of Nick for his body, today he International Motivational speaker and has spoken in over 50 countries

People have lot of positives to take in their lives but still they keep moaning about the problems  rather than enjoying them. Computer users would prefer to go with Ctrl+Alt+Del just in case, if they face problems in surfing the applications.

Well, who is Nick Vujicic? How did he manage to solve the problems in life all by himself without the need of others? How did he respond when the others had a go at him? How come he became a familiar figure and one of the biggest sources of inspirations?


The person above with No hands and No legs is Nick Vujicic from Australia, who was born with phocamelia, an unusual congenital condition that involves malformation of the limbs. With no legs and no arms, he got over with the problems early on before leading the happiest life. He is one of the greatest personalities to have ever inspired the people in a manner that powered them to achieve the impossible as possible in lives.

An optimist is the one who sees the half glass of water as half full. It is no doubt that Nick Vujicic belongs to the category people think this (category) can’t do anything. But on the contrary, without hands or legs,  Nick is one of the happiest persons in the world. In fact, this man is inspiration to millions today.

In his childhood, he used to get insulted by bullies and the naysayers. They said, Nick will forever be lonely and no one will love him. Infamous remarks like these in Nick’s life, contemplated drawing his last breathe by drowning in a tub. But, he had the determination to up his ante in life.

Now, he walks on stage with a grim face to inspire people by his motivational speeches and that is what we call an inspiration. He married in 2012 and is a proud father. Inspiration is a ‘golden word’ and it is worth the weight in gold. According to the statement, the Nick Vujicicis a golden personality.


34 year old Nick is not just a motivational speaker but he is professional writer, swimmer, musician, engineer etc. and he is graduate with a double degree.

If you want to see the realm of happiness, just see Nick’s face, you will get it. Inspire others. People will love you and the world needs more of it.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.