Dr. Surya Bali- a known MBBS doctor, who was from Gond Tribe and repaired cycles for his studies


There are few people who are known for their work and not for their looks or personality. Dr. Surya Bali is one of them. He was a person of Gond Tribal which is not very known. He was the first person of his family who completed the matriculation and became a doctor. He got many awards for the work that he did but no one knows the story behind his success.

He belongs to a very poor family in which his father was a labor who was frustrated by slavery so he fled from the village. His mother was a maid in some rich families where she used to cook food, mop floors and draw water from well. Until Surya Bali came back to his home, his family was completely dependent on his mother’s earning.

Source: Medicos India

When he joined the primary school, he faced many problems, although the education was free but buying books were very tough for him and his family but he plucked berries, gooseberries, fruits and exchanged them to the dwellers in the city. His teachers used to taunt about his family’s profession but he never gave up, he took that insult as a challenge and proved everyone’s comment wrong.

The owner of his primary school shifted him in the middle-class school in Sarsi, because he was also tired of the maltreatment of the priests of the school. But difficulties never ended for him, a new problem was his new school which was 11 kilometers far for which he had to walk barefoot to reach the school. Everyone in the village laughed on him and it was insane for him to walk so far for study. To manage the school tuition fee and books he repaired the punctured cycles after the school time. He was absent from the school mostly in monsoons, because there were only two sets of clothes and sometimes both were spoiled by the heavy rain. When he ranked first in class 8th he was at the ninth cloud and that was the first success which kindled the fire in him.

He wanted to become a doctor because his younger brother died when he was just 7 years old because of the medical negligence. He was very agitating so he ran away from the village when he was only 17-years-old.

He had only Rs. 3000 with him for his admission but that was not sufficient, and that’s when he realized that money is everything in the world left behind for survival, and he gave up the hope of MBBS and joined BSc in Banaras Hindu University. But a new turn came to his life which supported him in earning the degree of MBBS. That new turn was his warden who was impressed by Surya’s hard work and dedication. He gave his PMT form fees and granted free hostel facility. Surya cracked PMT and got admission in Motilal Nehru College, Allahabad.

College life is an enjoyment phase for every student usually, but that too was never so easy for Surya. Students used to make fun of him because of his ill fitted clothes which he used to wear repeatedly. He started writing poems, articles for different magazines, newspapers from where he earned money. He also got a chance to present himself in All India Radio Station where also he earned money. He was very happy when he got Rs. 15,000 for the first time, this bundle of few notes has changed his life and he got a chance to earn Masters in Health Management from the University of Florida.

He inaugurated his own NGO named Global Health Development Mission and now, he also translates the scientific articles written on diseases into different languages (Bhojpuri, Awadhi) compose songs, poems on diseases so that people can learn about the diseases while enjoying.

This is how we learn that when positive action combines with the positive thinking than the result is only success.



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