Bulletproof Jackets Made By Indian Scientist Selected By The Government For Indian Army

It is a well known fact, that India imports a major part of its requirement of defence equipment. This was also one of the reasons, why Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious ‘Make In India’ program. In what can be called a boost to one of the PMs flagship schemes, Bengali scientist Professor Shantanu Bhowmick has designed a bulletproof vest, which has also been approved by the government.

Empowered committee of the Ministry of Defence approved the bulletproof jacket, which has been made from indigenous ultra modern lightweight thermoplastic technology. It will be a part of the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ project, and the work of manufacturing the jackets will start after the PMO gives it a go ahead. A joint collaboration between the DRDO and the Ministry of Defence, this is the first time in 70 years that the Indian Army will have bulletproof vest manufactured completely from indigenous technology.

Picture source: indiatimes.com

India presently spends Rs 1.5 lakh per bulletproof jacket, for the one which is being used by the military and paramilitary forces. These jackets are imported from the US. In contrast, Dr Bhowmick’s jacket will cost only Rs 50,000 per bulletproof jacket, which means India will save a huge amount of Rs 20,000 crores every year.

Also, the bulletproof jackets currently being used by our security forces viz. the Indian Army, the BSF, the CRPF and even the Police forces of various states, are very heavy, as they weigh at around 15-18 kgs. However, these new light weight jackets weigh 6-8 times less at just 1.5 kg. It has 20 layers and the use of carbon fiber in making it, will enable the vest to work in a temperature of even 57 degrees Celsius.

Head of the department of aerospace engineering, in Coimbatore’s Amrita University, Professor Shantanu Bhowmick has high expectations from his invention, and is very happy to get an official clearance for his project. He is thankful to the former Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Subrata Saha, who had motivated him and also made efforts for him to get an official approval. Professor Shantanu has dedicated his invention to the legendary freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who is also his inspiration to do something for the armed forces.

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