Bad news: China installs timer in the toilet, it will record how long you stay there

A new and unique experiment is being done in China, which is about toilet use. Timers are being installed outside the toilets in some places in China to ascertain how long a person is inside and when he will come out. This experiment aims to improve the cleanliness, maintenance, and use of toilets.

According to online reports, the matter of timers being installed in the toilet came to light when a tourist visiting a Buddhist site in Datong City of Shanxi province recorded it and sent the footage to a local government newspaper. Every toilet in this video has a digital timer visible.

In the viral video when the toilet is not in use, the LED indicates that it is unoccupied in green. At the same time, when the toilet is in use, the timer is running on the screen in minutes and seconds. It is also visible on the screen how long the toilet has been in use.

Yungang in China has 252 caves and 51 thousand statues which are 1500 years old. More than 30 lakh tourists visited this place in the year 2023. The toilets built at this place have timers. Many people have also raised questions about this on social media. People say that the amount used for this technology could have been better spent on building additional toilets.

According to online sources, local employees said that installing timers has not set the time limit for the toilets. These timers have been installed only because the number of visitors is increasing. One special thing about this is that it shows how long ago the door was closed, that is, it gives an idea of how long it will take to be empty. This saves people from standing in line and they do not have to knock on the door to know if there is someone inside or not. This move of China is being linked to its social credit system.

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