Chacha Chicago feels India will win over Pakistan comfortably

Chacha Chicago originally hails from Pakistan, but the kind of love and affection he received in India during his first visit to the country in 2011 during the World Cup made him a huge fan of Indian cricket, especially MS Dhoni. Chacha Chicago’s original name is Mohammad Bashir.

Picture Source: HT Photo

Chacha Chicago has been diplomatic with his support during the India-Pakistan encounters in recent times and has been found in the stadium wearing both the Pakistani and the Indian team jerseys.

But this time around, just a week before the commencement of the iconic India-Pakistan clash at the Champions Trophy in Edgbaston, Birmingham, Chacha has said to the media that this rivalry is no more the same one as India are way better as a team than Pakistan.

“Ab koi muqabla nahi raha India Pakistan ka (India- Pakistan match is not the contest it used to be). India bahut aage nikal gaya hain (India are miles ahead of Pakistan),” says the Chicago-based Bashir, who is heartbroken that he would miss his first India-Pakistan clash in nearly six years.

Chacha alongside Sachin Tendulkar’s hardcore admirer Sudheer Gautam watched various matches together and they have supported India together in various ICC events. He also is very happy with a fact that this epic marquee encounter is taking place in the holy month of Ramadan.

“I have not missed a single India-Pakistan contest since attending my first one in Mohali during the 2011 World Cup. I would have loved to be there in Birmingham as well but since the game is during the month of Ramadan, the trip to Mecca with my family was already planned and I will be there for a month.” He said.

“In fact, Sudhir called me only yesterday to check whether I was coming. Sadly I won’t be there but India should comfortably beat Pakistan and then go on to win the tournament,” the 64-year-old said.

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