Gwalior: In just 3 steps, fraud takes away 51 lakh from Teacher, check out his steps

Police have arrested an accused in the case of blackmailing a retired teacher of Gwalior. The accused in this case was running a Bitcoin trading company in Dubai. According to the police, the accused robbed a retired teacher of Gwalior of an amount of Rs 51 lakh by blackmailing her. Gwalior Crime Branch arrested the accused from Bhilai (Chhattisgarh).

Last month, accused Kunal Jaiswal called teacher Asha Bhatnagar and said that obscene messages had been sent to girls from the SIM in her name. He showed fear of ED and CBI raid. Scared, the teacher transferred Rs 51 lakh to his bank account. Later, it was found that Rs 9.50 lakh (42 thousand dirhams) was sent to a UAE account. Using this information, the police arrested Kunal Jaiswal for fraud.

A large number of Aadhaar cards, ATM cards, passbooks, checkbooks, mobiles, laptops, and iPads in the names of other people have been recovered from the accused. With the money earned through fraud, he has bought a big bungalow and luxury cars in Nehru Nagar (Bhilai). He studied at Symbiosis University in Pune. The accused has done an MCA (Master of Computer Application) course in IT (Information Technology).

The defrauded amount of Rs 51 lakh was transferred to 25 bank accounts in other states including Kashmir, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. When the police investigated these accounts, it was found that the money had been transferred online from other accounts, but from one account the accused had personally withdrawn the money.

Police traced a money transfer from a Kotak Mahindra Bank account in Bhilai to a UAE account. A 5-member police team was dispatched to Bhilai and gathered information from the accused’s bank for 2 days. They then apprehended the accused, Kunal Jaiswal, posing as an election cell team at his house, where he was captured along with his brother, family, and approximately 10-12 servants. He was subsequently taken to Gwalior by the police.

Out of Rs 51 lakh defrauded from the teacher, Rs 46 lakh was transferred to Punjab National Bank in Kashmir. On March 14, Rs 1.8 crore had reached this account in a single day. This amount was immediately shifted to other accounts including Kotak Mahindra Bank account. This money was transferred from these accounts to Dubai. Kunal also has a company and account in UAE. The amount was transferred through this. A UAE identity card has also been found on him.

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