Andhra’s Greyhound Hero- awarded by Posthumous Ashoka Chakra

India, a proud mother has a lot of brave names written with blood on its heart. We have one name which left its identity for eternity that is – KLVSNV Prasad Babu, who was an Indian police officer in Greyhounds special operations group of Andhra Pradesh Police. He was awarded with Ashoka Chakra in 2003 posthumously which is India’s highest peace time gallantry award, for his vital role in the death of 9 Maoists and saved 4 Officers lives.

photo source: wikipedia


A sub- inspector, who has operated an anti- Naxal operation in Andhra Pradesh and assaulted Maoists force “The Greyhounds” near Andhra- Chhattisgarh border on 16 April 2013.


KLVSNV Prasad Babu was born in Vishakhapattanam in 1981, in a Brahmin family. He was a brave son of a proud father and a retired constable, Karanam Venkata Ramana Naidu, who always wanted to join police force like his father. Prasad grew up with 2 sisters, his elder sister Karunam Kalavati recalls that her fiancé had tried to deter Prasad from joining police force and suggested him to get into software engineering as he was very good with Mathematics. Karunam stated that Prasad never revealed what position he acquires in the unit and it got revealed only after his death that he had 2 body guards and was heading a team of 21 men working in Naxal area.

He served to Indian Police from 2004-2013 and ranked as sub- inspector and Deputy- Assault commander. He enrolled for MSc degree from Osmania University in 2005 and at the same time applied for police force entrance, from where he never looked back.

A group of 70 maoists assaulted the Greyhounds unit and blasted it. Prasad moved so fast and assassinated 9 main attackers and injured more. He managed more than 200 militants unaccompanied.


Ashoka chakra was given by President Pranab Mukherjee to Prasad’s father, Mr. Ramana who got emotional and with folded hands he acknowledged the whole crowd, also greeted honored military officers seated there. Babu was the only police officer who got bestow Ashoka Chakra from Andhra, which is generally advised on soldiers.

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