Action speaks louder than words

INDIA needs constructive action from youth. Lots of social, cultural & traditional garbage needs to be put on fire. Mind well all this garbage is a camouflage for non action of so called social & religious leaders or meant for an uninterrupted control over the masses. After independence two generations have been mislead by these people of power.


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An intellectual acumen of young Indians has been sharpened like never before in this new technological era. They are profoundly aware of all the things, good or bad happening near them and around world. They are concerned as their life, their future is at stake. Like a Rubik Cube they are juggling with ideas. They want a change. They very well know that no one else but it is they who have to bring in the change.

Change shall never happen unless Indian mind set is changed.  For hundreds of years saints and social reformers tried their best to change the mind set but unfortunately Devil turned out to be more powerful and it is still powerful.

So it is not a bed of roses but still the change is certainly possible. The reason to say so is the overwhelming desire & constructive intellectual power of youth of today.

Let me give you some tips:

1) Youth should publicly pledge that we all are INDIANS & are equals.

2) Start abolishing all discrimination. Say ‘NO’ to caste, creed, and religion on any document. Mention ‘I am INDIAN’ & that’s my identity.

3) Start a campaign to elevate NATIONAL PRIDE in our people. There are many ways to do it.  Level of it in us ‘Indians’ is disastrous.

To me, if INDIAN YOUTH starts taking these steps and communicates online with each other on national & world level, a constructive YOUTH MOVEMENT shall emerge. That is the need of the HOUR! All revolutions have been fought by youth.


Feel free to contact us if you need. We would be pleased to support you.                                             Jai Hind!


(The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect The Youth)
71 year old Dr. Satish Rajmachikar from Pune (Maharashtra) is a well versed scholar. He has proved his potential in several fields throughout his life. Apart from writing columns in several news papers, he has also directed famous TV serials such as ‘Kuch Khoya Kuch Paya’, Abhimaan, Kinara’ etc. Now he is here among us at TheYouth, on our request, to guide youths of the 21st century.
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