Who is meme star Xavier, why is he so famous on social media?

Every day, the vast landscape of social media births a new viral meme, yet some of these fleeting sensations leave an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. One such immortalized figure is Xavier Uncle.  If you use social media then you probably know him. Xavier is a lovable person, who has become a sensation in the world of memes. His smiling face and unique catchphrases have made a place in the hearts of meme lovers around the world.

Reportedly, his real name is Pakalu Papito and asserts his occupation in an IT firm situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is originally Indian but has not returned to the country for a long time. Known for his straightforward demeanor and penchant for food, his wit is also widely admired.

This is how Xavier’s Uncle became famous

Pakalu Papito became famous for his funny tweets in 2013. His first tweet, ‘Hello Twitter, I’m single,’ became quite viral. After this, he had more than 7,00,000 followers on Twitter and about 5,00,000 followers on Facebook. He did not know that he would become a global sensation in no time. However, his fame did not last long. Pakalu’s Twitter account was suspended in 2018. His Facebook profile was deleted. The reason for his sudden disappearance remains a mystery.

According to several reports, Pakalu joined Twitter after a bet he made with his friends. His friends had said that he could not have 5000 followers. His friends had also placed a bet of Rs 10,000. After the account named @Pakalupapito was blocked, many copycat accounts were created in his name. One of them is @pakalupapito. However, Xavier uncle is a well-known personality in the world of memes. His face also appears on T-shirts and mugs. However, fans are not sure if this account is controlled by the same person.

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