Pune car row: minor’s grandfather had a connection with Chhota Rajan?

A new twist has come to light in the case of the Porsche car accident in Pune. The name of Surendra Aggarwal, grandfather of the minor involved in this accident, is being linked to underworld don Chhota Rajan. He sought the help of Chhota Rajan in 2021 to resolve a property dispute with his brother RK Aggarwal. Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister, said this would also be investigated.

There is certainly an outrage in the country because of the flimsy bail conditions in this case. According to media reports, there was a dispute over property between the minor’s grandfather and his brother. In the context of the controversy, Surendra Kumar Aggarwal had met Chhota Rajan’s close associate Vijay Purushottam Salvi alias Vijay Tambat. This case has now been handed over to the CBI. CBI is investigating this matter.

Three days ago, a 17-year-old boy, under the influence of alcohol, had crushed two bike-riding engineers with his Porsche car. Anish Awadiya (24 years) and Ashwini Koshta (24 years) both died in the accident. Both the engineers, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, worked in Pune. After the incident, the police arrested the minor and presented him before the Juvenile Justice Board, from where he was given bail after giving him a minor punishment including writing an essay of 300 words, which spread outrage in the entire country.
There was a huge uproar after this news came out. After this, the police also arrested the accused’s father Vishal Aggarwal, and the owner and manager of the pub where the minor drank alcohol. Vishal Aggarwal, father of the minor accused, does real estate business in Pune. Vishal has a big industrial group named Brahma Corp in Pune. Vishal Aggarwal has been arrested for allowing a minor child to drive a car without a number plate.

The parents of those who lost their lives in the car accident have held the accused boy as well as his parents responsible for the death of their children. He has demanded that the accused should be given strict punishment. This incident has become a topic of discussion in Pune and across the country.

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