“Girlfriend locates her absconding boyfriend, marries him with help of relatives and cops”

“Tamil Nadu is in the spotlight because Bihari workers have left. However, a Love Story Emerges that can be called Tamil Nadu’s Tale of Love. In this story, the girl is from Odisha, while the boy is from Sitamarhi, Bihar. Their love story began during their work in Tamil Nadu. After a disagreement five months ago, the boy ran away four times to evade the girl, but each time, the girl found him.

The girl followed the Bihar boy who had fled to Ludhiana his brother’s home in order to get away, and she eventually arrived there. from there, the boy ran away to Varanasi, but the girl found him there as well. As he was escaping by train from Varanasi, the girl didn’t let him go. The boy jumped off the moving train, resulting in injuries to his hands and legs. The girl brought him back home. However, the boy ran away from his house as well. The girl sought the help of the police in exhaustion. Sunita informed the police that she had been in a relationship with Chandan for a year. After completing her intermediate exams, Sunita faced financial difficulties and started working in a sewing factory in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, in March 2022, where she met Chandan from Sitamarhi. Their friendship gradually turned into love, and they made vows of living and dying together. However, after five months, they had a dispute over something, and Chandan left his girlfriend and returned to the village.

As soon as Sunita learned about this, she went to Chandan’s house. On seeing his girlfriend, Chandan ran away from home and went to his brother’s place in Ludhiana. Sunita also found out and reached his brother’s place in Ludhiana. From there, they decided to go back home together. However, during their journey back, Chandan jumped off a moving train near the Banaras station and fled.

He also injured his left hand during the escape, but the injury was severe enough that he couldn’t run away from the station. In the meantime, Sunita also got off at the next station and found Chandan again. Finally, both of them safely returned home.

Just a day before Holi, they had another argument over something, and Chandan locked himself inside the house and ran away again. Exhausted, Sunita reached the Sonbarsa police station, where the police, upon hearing her complaint, searched for Chandan.

Later, with the consent of their families, the couple got married following Hindu customs in the presence of the police. Thana Incharge Subodh Kumar stated that it was quite challenging to locate Chandan. He mentioned that the girl had filed a complaint, and after the investigation, both lovers agreed to get married, with the consent of their families. Based on this, their wedding took place with the presence of the police, following Hindu customs.”

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