“Bride’s father beats grooms with his slippers, video goes viral

“Dowry is a social evil. Due to dowry, women continue to be victims of domestic violence. Dowry refers to the cash or goods given by the bride’s family during marriage. The government has implemented several laws and schemes to curb the dowry system and promote the upliftment of girls. People are being made aware to stop the practice of giving and accepting dowry.

As a result of awareness, this practice is gradually coming to an end, but there are still many regions in the country where dowry is practiced. A video related to dowry has surfaced on social media as well. In this video, the groom asks his father-in-law for a motorcycle at the wedding altar. What happens next was unexpected for anyone.

In the viral video, you can see how the groom asks for a motorcycle and then his father-in-law gets angry and starts beating the groom with a slipper. As soon as the beating begins, the groom starts asking for forgiveness.

Former IPS officer (ipsvijrk) shared this video and wrote, ‘Oppose dowry but not in this way!’ In this clip, we can see an elderly person holding the groom by the collar and showing him a slipper. After a point, he starts beating him with the slipper. Along with this, he can be heard saying, ‘We sold our land to get you a motorcycle…’ In the meantime, some other people also join, and women start singing traditional songs. After this, the groom holds the bride’s hand and moves forward.”

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