Delhi: rickshaw puller caught taking shot drug, taking heroin or cocaine?

In today’s times, many individuals opt for public transportation to steer clear of traffic congestion. Among these options are buses, metros, as well as auto and e-rickshaws. However, the risk of accidents escalates significantly when drivers operate these vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A recent viral video circulating on social media captures an e-rickshaw driver injecting himself with drugs, raising concerns about the potential dangers posed by impaired drivers.

Iqbal Ahmed has shared the viral video on Facebook. According to the video, an e-rickshaw driver is seen filling some medicine in the injection. After this, he inserts a needle into it and is seen applying it to his arm. The incident was captured by a person on a bus who witnessed the entire event.

In the viral video, a witness reveals, ‘He is driving a rickshaw on the wrong side on Mangopuri Road. He has taken the injection and after injecting it he will be completely intoxicated and then drive again. Abruptly, the e-rickshaw driver notices the individual recording the video and promptly moves the vehicle away. The video also captures the rickshaw’s license plate, which reads DL5ER6466.

This video has also been shared on Twitter with an account named @EktaUnion. This video’s caption reads, “Many e-rickshaw drivers in Delhi are reportedly drug addicts, raising concerns. The High Court has mandated action against over 80,000 illegal e-rickshaws.” But what do you feel after seeing this video of an e-rickshaw driver intoxicated in the middle of the road? The viral video has received more than 500k views and more than 4 thousand likes. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions.

A user writes, ‘To some extent, the public is also responsible for this, stop sitting in their rickshaws and use other means of transport so that they will automatically sell the rickshaw and run away.’

Another user writes, ‘Government administration should do their medical examination from time to time. Such bad people are in danger of committing crimes against passengers, sisters, and daughters. They can do anything with anyone day and night. ‘

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