Finally Zomato responded after Delivery guy was in tears over his blocked account just days before his sister’s marriage

Making a living as a food delivery agent comes with its unique set of challenges and demands and we have seen scores of people doing these jobs as additional income or primary source of income, depending on the family’s circumstances.

Let’s not forget that the delivery guys often work in conditions that require high levels of endurance, flexibility, and resilience. They frequently work long hours, including nights and weekends, to meet high-demand periods.

This can lead to irregular eating and sleeping patterns, impacting their health and well-being. Despite such challenges, many find value in the flexibility the job offers, letting them work around personal schedules or as a supplementary income source.

Zomato delivery guy in tears, says his account is 'blocked', here's how the company responded!

Case in point, a user on X (previously called Twitter) encountered a Zomato delivery person in distress who mentioned that Zomato had deactivated his account right before his sister’s wedding. The user, Soham Bhattacharya, took to X to share a picture of the delivery person, describing how he was inconsolably crying near GTB Nagar and seeking financial help from passersby.

The X user Soham Bhattacharya wrote, “He was sobbing like anything near GTB Nagar, going to everyone and asking for some money. He told me he didn’t eat anything, saving it all for her wedding.”

Here’s how Zomato Replied

This post was originally shared on March 28, Thursday and it soon went viral on social media. In response, Zomato wrote, “We deeply value our delivery partners, and we understand the impact that actions like blocking an ID can have. Rest assured, we take such matters seriously. We assure you, we’ll look into this. Our delivery partners are as important to us as our customers.”

Meanwhile, an X user wrote, “Please unblock his zomato account, the working class is the backbone of our society & economy. They earn money for their survival first, that’s their everyday struggle. They don’t have enough money at their disposal to lead a carefree life. How can somebody live without money?”

Another user wrote, “You better value delivery partners. The way you treat them only shows how much you value your customers. This is not the first incident that brought the helplessness of a delivery partner to light.”