Bodybuilder falls in love, he destroys his life after getting cheated

A strange love story is going viral in Pakistan which changed the whole life of a boy. From Karachi to India, the story of this boy ruined in love has spread all over social media. You might have seen this kind of story only in films but this story of Faisal King of Pakistan is a reality that happened to him. This is the story of a bodybuilder who destroyed his life by falling in love.

Faisal King Baldia, famous on social media, lived in Baldia, Karachi, Pakistan. He had a car repair shop, drove very nice cars and bikes, used to do stunts, and also did bodybuilding. He used to win bodybuilding competitions in the surrounding areas and one day even reached the junior edition of Mr. Pakistan. But perhaps even he would have never imagined that his life would turn upside down in such a way.

According to online sources and many claims, Faisal was in love with a doctor’s daughter. He went to her house with a marriage proposal but for some reason, the proposal was not accepted. After this, the story is not clear but many people claim that he was beaten up by many people in this case. He also suffered head injuries and lost consciousness. The rejection had such an impact on him that he lost his senses. The bodybuilder famous by the names Faisal Baldiya, Faisal Kala, and Faisal King now wanders in the streets of Baldiya.

This story spread in India through a post shared on December 28. More than one crore people have seen it. Stereotypical things are written that ‘a woman is behind a man’s success, but a woman is behind the ruin of a good man.’

Many YouTubers are covering Faisal’s story. Many types of videos related to Faisal are being seen on social media. Syed Zahir Shah, who was Faisal’s gym trainer, also told in one of his interviews, ‘When he used to do bodybuilding, he had even reached number three in the junior edition of Mister Pakistan.’

When this story went viral on social media, Indian YouTubers also made various videos on it. Many videos were also played on Instagram. Many reels and edits were made by adding old photos of him. Many Indian users created profiles in his name and started describing stories in reels with Hindi text.

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