MP: Two men marry each other, social media split on opinion grounds

A new societal trend regarding same-sex marriage is emerging, as evidenced by a recent case that has come to light from Madhya Pradesh where two 55-year-old men got married to each other. Both were friends since childhood but now both have come into a married relationship. This matter has become the centre of discussion on social media, it is becoming quite viral on social media.

This case is from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. The age of both men is around 55 years. Having been friends since their childhood, both individuals have now willingly transformed their childhood friendship into a marital bond of their own accord. Both are in wedding attire and their wedding photos are becoming quite viral on social media. Numerous images capturing affectionate moments, such as forehead kisses, rapidly becoming viral.

The news of this same-sex marriage has created a stir on social media platforms, where people have shared their thoughts and opinions. Some people accept it as an important step, while some people reject it and it is against their social, religious, or cultural values which they believe in. As discussions unfold, this case adds to the evolving narrative around same-sex relationships, challenging societal norms and fostering diverse perspectives.

The viral post has been shared on Instagram by a page named “madhyapradeshupdate”. After seeing the viral post, netizens have also trolled a lot with funny comments. Many social media users accept their relationship and are also wishing them good luck in their marriage.

One user writes, ‘Love is blind, I had heard that it is so blind, I saw it in my city.’

Another user writes, ‘The future of Chhindwara people is in danger. ,

Another user writes, ‘Congress is in power in Chhindwara, anything can happen. ,

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