Wife leaves Husband for not bringing her Momos, matter goes to police station

A strange case came to light from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. There was resentment between a husband and wife over momos resulting in a case being registered at the police station. Momos became the reason for the fight between husband and wife. This matter has also reached the police and there is a lot of discussion about this matter on social media also.

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, a woman, angry over not being fed ‘enough momos’, has filed a complaint against her husband. This couple got married only 6 months ago. The couple loves to eat momos and before marriage, she used to eat momos daily. Even after marriage, she shared her grief with her husband and demanded to eat momos daily. The couple’s husband used to buy momos daily for a few days but when her husband allegedly stopped bringing momos for her, the woman left her house and returned to her parents’ house.

According to the wife’s grievance, she consistently expressed a strong preference for momos over regular meals, causing distress for her husband. The situation escalated into a heated argument one day when the husband was unable to procure momos, resulting in the wife angrily leaving her parents’ home. The marital dispute escalated to divorce and the matter was later taken to the Family Counseling Center in Agra for mediation.

The complainant is a resident of the Malpura area. Her husband works in a shoe factory and the family is struggling financially. He said that many times he reaches home late due to work or forgets to bring momos while returning. After which fights and disputes often took place between us.

Following a mediation session with the couple, Dr. Amit Gaur, a counselor, informed in an interview with IndiaToday TV that thorough counseling had taken place, resulting in the couple finding common ground. Dr. Gaur stated, “They have come to an agreement whereby the husband will make an effort to bring momos once or twice a week, and the wife has committed to being more understanding.” A compromise has been reached between both the parties.” No doubt, momo is one of the most popular Nepali/Tibetan snacks in the country, but its ability to irritate a partner was unheard of.

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