Dalit leader goes viral as he tells how PM Modi helped Dalit community in all aspects

Controversies persist regarding the Dalit community’s position in Indian politics, as they are considered among the most marginalized groups in society, lacking due respect and rights. However, a viral video featuring Dr. Guru Prakash Paswan, a Dalit leader and national spokesperson for the BJP, highlights his assertion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made significant contributions in various ways to support the Dalit community.

The viral video has been shared by breifnewslive on the Facebook page of a live news debate show. Prakash Paswan expresses frustration towards a Congress sympathizer’s statement of providing food to the Dalit community. Paswan questions the notion, stating, “I am saying this with sadness when a Congress sympathizer claimed to have provided food security for ST-SC. Is it a favor? Do you think offering food will satisfy ST-SC communities?  What do you think if you give food and ST-SC will agree? The issue of food, clothing, and shelter has now moved ahead. Now it has come to power, wealth, and respect.’

He further says in the video, “You haven’t granted us power or property. Until now, we haven’t been acknowledged with any sense of respect. Sitaram Kesari, Draupadi Murmu ji, and Baba Saheb Ambedkar have all been subject to your insults. Even during a prominent speech by a Samajwadi Party leader, Azam Khan made a controversial statement, labeling Baba Saheb Ambedkar as the biggest land mafia in the country. Azam Khan also made derogatory remarks about Rama Devi, who hails from a backward society. Don’t push me; you all should be cautious.

He further says, ‘For the first time someone from Arunachal Pradesh comes to the cabinet. Now for the first time, a woman from Nagaland comes to Rajya Sabha. For the first time, a Dalit from Art and Culture from Tamil Nadu is now in the Rajya Sabha. For the first time, a woman has now become a cabinet minister from Tripura. For the first time, 27% of ministry is now available from OBC. And today the people of the country, the backward classes of the country, the OBCs of the country, and the Dalits of the country have recognized you.

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