Maharashtra: doctor stabbed by an unknown patient over money dispute inside ICU

Maharashtra: A doctor in Nashik was assaulted by an unidentified patient at his cabin over a money-related dispute. This incident has caused concern in the medical community. Dr Kailash Rathi, a cardiologist, and critical care specialist, suffered multiple injuries on his head, neck, and other parts of the body, police stated on Saturday. Ongoing investigations are being conducted into the case.

On Friday night, a 49-year-old doctor sustained severe injuries after being attacked with a knife approximately 16-17 times at their clinic in Panchavati city. His condition was critical, according to doctors at the hospital where he was admitted. Police arrested the attacker Rajendra Maure on Saturday afternoon. Police Commissioner Sandeep Karnik said, “The attack was the result of some personal disputes. Rajendra Maure’s wife previously worked in Dr Rathi’s clinic. The police will interrogate Rajendra Maure to find out the motive for the attack.”

According to online sources, Maure’s wife left her job at Rathi’s clinic a few years ago. Her husband and she had taken some money from Dr. Rathi to finance a property. The officer said Rathi was asking for his money from Maure. Friday night around 9.30 pm. accused they arrived at Dr. Rathi’s clinic at Dindori Naka. Seeing the doctor entering his cabin, Maure followed him. “While the doctor was talking on his cellphone, Maure took out a knife and stabbed Rathi at least 16-17 times. As soon as a staff member entered the clinic, Maure fled the cabin through another door,” the officer said.

When the employee started shouting, other employees ran towards the cabin, called the police, and took Dr Rathi to a hospital in Panchavati. Many doctors visited the hospital where Dr. Rathi was recovering. Panchvati police have registered a case of attempt to murder against Maure. The medical fraternity condemns such acts of violence against healthcare professionals and calls for increased security measures to ensure the safety of doctors and medical staff.

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