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Cross Check: Did PM Modi wave at ‘Parked Empty Train’ for the sake of cameras?

Did the Prime minister Narendra Modi wave at a parked empty train from the newly inaugurated Bogibeel bridge in Assam? Let’s cross check it once and settle this once and for all. Social media users including a political leader from the opposition took a dig at PM Modi over a viral video which claimed that he was cheerfully waving his hands at an empty train

However, after checking the video closely, we learnt that it was a ‘false claim’. The Prime Minister was indeed waving at a train with full of passengers which made its first ever journey over the Bogibeel bridge on December 25.

It all started from a small video which was shared by many Facebook pages, including “FekuExpress” and “Delhi Government Viral News” claiming that the PM was waving at an empty train just for the sake of cameras.

As people on Social media mocked the Prime Minister, Congress spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa too joined the bandwagon only to mock Modi for waving at “an empty train”.

The 13-second-long video shows the PM Modi walking over the new bridge while waving his hands at a train standing underneath the bridge.

Press Information Bureau (PIB) tweeted pictures of the train in which people are visible and are seen waving back at the PM and trying to take his snaps from the windows.

In the lengthy version of the video uploaded by news agency ANI, people can be seen sitting in the train and waving at PM Modi.

Written by Chaithanya G

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.

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