Who are hotter- boys or girls?  Influencer carries out scientific test

Nowadays, social media has become a platform on which people are trying to grab attention with new and different experiments. An influencer has recently announced a scientific test that attempts to clarify who is ‘hotter’ between boys and girls, i.e. men and women. In this article, we will provide detailed information about this experiment.

According to the viral video, this experiment was tested at night with the help of a temperature meter. First of all, a boy goes inside the blanket with a temperature meter and timer, in 24 minutes the temperature reaches 30 degrees inside the blanket. In the next step, the girl goes inside the blanket and it raises the temperature to 30 degrees in 23 minutes. ,

Further in the video, ‘In the next step, experimented with two boys and two girls inside the blanket. Together, the two boys raised the temperature inside the blanket to 30 degrees in just 12 minutes. In the next step, two girls go inside one, and within 10 minutes they raise the temperature of the blanket to 30 degrees.

The viral video has been shared by the Instagram page, ‘outofmindexperiment’. The content of his Instagram page is of many such experiments. The viral video has received more than 39 million views and more than 7 lakh likes. After watching the video, users expressed their views and shared various reactions, which also included some humorous comments.

A user writes, ‘Just found out why unemployment is so high in India. ,

Another user writes, ‘In the next video keep a boy and a girl and then check the temperature.’

Another user writes, ‘Moral of the story:- Girls are hot.’

While the experiment shared on ‘outofmindexperiment’ gained significant attention, it’s important to note that the methodology may not adhere to scientific standards. Factors like body mass, metabolic rates, and environmental conditions can influence temperature changes. The viral nature of the video highlights the fascination with unconventional experiments on social media, sparking diverse reactions from users who engaged with the content, ranging from genuine curiosity to humour and scepticism.

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