After Husband rejected her for appearance & over weight, she is winning medals for India

Ruby Beauty is now an inspiration to many. Her story had a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Let’s take a glimpse at her life story. Ruby was once a victim of body shaming. Due to her physical appearance and obesity, she was not liked by her husband. He then abandoned her without second thoughts. Ruby Beauty was literally heartbroken who had nobody with her except a six-year-old child. Though the story seems to come to a close, it was when Ruby thought there is still a wonderful life to lead.

With a willingness to succeed, will to accomplish things, the ability to move on and the perseverance to keep on trying even when there are failures, Ruby has come a long way to win medals for her country. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, she immediately took to fitness, which was a turning point of her career. In an interview with ANI, she even stressed the fact that her husband totally lost interest in her because of her appearance and overweight.

Credits: Times Of India

It was when she decided to change her appearance by taking the fitness very seriously. She began to walk day by day and then she lost weight after that. A mother of a six-year-old, Ruby was abandoned by her husband because of her physical appearance and was body shamed for being overweight. However, unlike many, Ruby did not let that demoralise her and instead took to fitness to turn the tables.

Speaking to ANI, Ruby said, “My husband said that he lost interest in me because of my weight. It was then when it hit me the hardest that I have to take care of my fitness. I started walking and lost a lot of weight after that. It became even more difficult after I had my son. But I could do it because I had set my goal.”

It was not so easy to achieve a goal being a mother when she had to look after her son. But she managed to do it because she had set her goal. She also shared her experience when she found it really difficult to afford expensive supplements but somehow she managed with her Zumba classes. She devoted herself wholly and she bettered herself in all aspects. She became fit as a fiddle. Having grown in confidence, she won national medals in Assam in bodybuilding and had also won Ms.Chennai also.

Having proved that she is worth its weight in gold, she desperately wants support from the state government. “It was difficult financially because one has to consume expensive supplements, but I manage with my Zumba classes. I have won nationals in Assam in bodybuilding and won Ms.Chennai as well. I want the state government to help me grow more. I have proved myself, and I want to show that women can do this. So far there was no one from our state in this field,” she added.

Ruby’s coach, identified as Kartik, also showered praise on Ruby for the grit and determination. He believes that Ruby would win the title of Ms India with ease.

“I have trained more than 100 females in fitness, but they would lose interest within a few months. But Ruby Beauty has willpower. I fixed for one year for her but she achieved results within six months. According to me, she will easily achieve Ms India in fitness,” he said.

Ruby’s story is so inspiring and it also gives people a ray of strong hope who would want to lose weight and go on to achieve something in life. The Youth salutes Ruby Beauty for her future endeavours. Kindly forward this article to others so that Ruby gets a support from the state government.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.