Man orders Mobile online but gets a piece of brick in return on home delivery

We have heard many interesting stories about ordering one product and receiving the other in hand. Suppose, if you are ordering a brand new i-phone from a reputed e-commerce company and receiving a soap bar or a brick instead, what would be your first reaction after opening the seal?

Usually, when we see our desired product inside the package, we get surprised but when it’s not the actual one, we get shocked. If we order an item online, the retailer of the store makes sure that he picks the right product for us for the best service but rarely do mishaps happen.

Credits: IndiaTimes

For example, if we order a ‘computer keyboard’ and receive a ‘music keyboard’ instead, we can contact them and return the product to get the actual one. These minor mistakes are acceptable but we can’t really forgive the ones who send us stones of bricks instead of mobile phones.

Bizarre incident:

A man in Maharashtra has lodged a complaint against a prominent online retailer for allegedly sending him a brick instead of a mobile that he ordered, police said Wednesday.

The resident, identified as, Gajanan Kharat of HUDCO area, told the cops that on October 9, he placed an order for a budget mobile phone on the shopping site and also paid Rs 9,134 for the item, Harsul police station inspector Manish Kalyankar added.

Gajanan Kharat received a notification from the e-commerce company that the item would be packed, shipped and delivered in a week’s time.

As notified, the man received the product within a week from the retailer last Sunday. However, when he opened the seal, he allegedly found a brick inside it instead of the mobile handset that he had ordered online, Kalyankar said.

The man then immediately called up the courier delivery man, who then told him that their duty was only to deliver the package to the destination and not to see what was inside the parcel, he said. In no time, Kharat filed a complaint on Tuesday against the leading e-commerce company at the Harsul police station here.

According to the police official, they have registered a case under IPC sections related to cheating and are currently investigating on the matter.

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