Who is Simi Garewal? She appears with all the Bollywood legends

Simi Garewal, a renowned figure in the Indian entertainment industry, has established herself as a versatile talent, excelling as a film actor, TV host, film director, and producer. Her prominence spans several decades, with a notable presence in both the cinematic and television realms.

Noteworthy among her achievements are her hosting roles in English talk shows such as ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’ (1997) and ‘Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable’ (2011). Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with numerous prominent actors, contributing to the richness of her professional journey, which has been marked by both excitement and the inevitable challenges of the industry.

Simi Garewal was born on 17 October 1947 in a Punjabi Sikh family in India. Her father was JS Garewal who was in the army. Her mother was a housewife. Her family moved to London in early 1953 when she was barely 6 years old. In 1961, she returned to India to become an actress. Initially, she was rejected from Hindi films because of her Western looks. After this, she did an acting course at Filmalaya Acting School in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

A small role was offered to her in the English film Tarzan Goes to India (1962). When the film was released, she was noticed by filmmakers, resulting in her getting more roles in Bollywood films. However, her pronounced Hindi blocked her path to becoming a successful actress and hence, she was restricted to secondary roles in films.

In 1962, Simi appeared in Hindi films like ‘Son of India’ and ‘Tarzan Goes to India’. Some of his other Hindi films are ‘Do Badan’ (1966), ‘Saathi’ (1968), ‘Mera Naam Joker’ (1970), ‘Kabhi-Kabhi’ (1976), and ‘Karz’ (1980). 2012 was the year she started her self-titled YouTube channel. As of January 2023, her channel has around 510k subscribers and she uploads interview videos. In 2023, Simi appeared as a guest host in the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’.

Although she married her longtime lover Ravi Mohan, a businessman from the aristocratic family of Chunnamals of Delhi, it lasted only 18 months, mainly due to the long-distance marriage. Initially, both of them lived separately but they got divorced after a decade. In 2013, Simi Garewal revealed that she did not have a child of her own, so she decided to adopt a girl. However, when she was about to complete the legal proceedings of adopting a baby girl, the baby girl’s legal parents arrived.

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