Special toilets set up in Ayodhya for massive crowd flocking to the city

Ayodhya: To address the huge number of visitors to Ayodhya, the city of Lord Shri Ram, the Municipal Corporation has decided to install special toilets. The main objective of this reform is to avoid overcrowding in Ayodhya in the future and to maintain the cleanliness of the city. Many more such rules are also being made for the crowd gathering on the day of the inauguration.

To make Ayodhya famous all over the world as a religious tourism city, the Central Pradesh Government has implemented big schemes. Even after the program of 22 January, the state government has made very hi-tech arrangements to provide accommodation, and food and to fulfill the basic needs of the large crowd coming to Ayodhya. In this series, arrangements for bio-toilets have also been made to keep Ayodhya clean. Under this project, toilets have been designed economically so that the users get good facilities and can use them properly. Additionally, they have stringent standards of cleanliness and safety, allowing devotees to remain exceptionally safe.

Municipal Commissioner of Ayodhya and Vice Chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority, Vishal Singh said that development is taking place on a large scale in Ayodhya. Under the guidance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, we are installing bio-toilets along the banks of Saryu Ghats to promote religious tourism and cleanliness. This initiative of Ayodhya Municipal Corporation aims to improve the facilities of the devotees coming to the major ghats for Makar Sankranti bath and tourism. He mentioned that these bio-toilets go beyond mere facilities; they form an integral component of an extensive initiative to transform Ayodhya into an exemplary city for religious tourism and environmental sustainability. Noteworthy features encompass a round-the-clock toll-free helpline, unrestricted public access, and a commitment to uphold cleanliness and ensure seamless operations.

Vishal Singh further said that multilingual signage and toilet facilities have been ensured for both men and women. Further adhering to the environmental guidelines, these bio-toilets are built under the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, NGT guidelines, and Swachh Bharat Mission SBM 2.0 guidelines. Devotees have been appealed to join us in this journey towards making Ayodhya a symbol of cleanliness, stability, and spiritual importance.

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