Muslim Man deliberately throws his head under truck of Kawariyas as he hated their faith

Saharanpur, a city and a Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh in northern India witnessed an ugly day when a Muslim man deliberately threw himself under the truck which was carrying Katariyas without even caring about his life and family.

Before locals could understand or decode the shocking incident, thousands of people gathered the accident spot in no time. What started as a deadly accident became a riot like situation when people took it otherwise by coming to a conclusion that Kawariyas ran over a Muslim man deliberately.

Luckily for the people, a video was recovered in which it was clearly seen that the man himself took an extreme step by jumping under truck’s tyre only to kill himself.

Upon understanding the incident which happened in the blink of an eye, some eye-witnesses claimed that he committed suicide as he hated the Hindus practising their faith. As a staunch Muslim devotee, he did not want them to pass by his locality.

Watch the video here below: