Bihar: Crowd gathered on Bihar highway as a massive aeroplane stuck under the bridge

A huge aeroplane was found stuck under a bridge on a highway in Bihar, due to which a large number of people gathered on the road. This unexpected incident has astonished the residents and resulted in extensive traffic congestion. Various posts have been shared on social media giving this information, which left the viewers shocked.

This scrap aeroplane, which was being taken from Mumbai to Assam, got stuck under a bridge in Motihari, Bihar on Friday morning. The local people were surprised by this incident and a large number of people gathered to see the pieces of the aircraft stuck under the bridge. The incident was captured on video and circulated on social media. It was shown that the body of the flight had got stuck under Piprakothi bridge, due to which the traffic in the area is being affected. After the uproar over the stuck plane, some truck drivers and local people helped in getting it out. The aircraft later resumed its journey to its destination. After seeing the viral post, people shared various reactions.

Incidents like these underscore the challenges of transporting large objects, particularly aircraft, through narrow or unexpected routes. The viral nature of such events on social media reflects the fascination and surprise of the public. It also highlights the community’s proactive role in resolving these situations, as seen when locals and truck drivers came together to assist in freeing the stuck aeroplane, allowing it to continue its journey to Assam.

There has been a similar incident before. In November 2022, a decommissioned aircraft got stuck under a bridge in the Bapatla district of Andhra Pradesh during transportation. The owner of the popular Hyderabad-based restaurant Pista House had purchased the plane at an auction in Kerala at that time. A video of the incident had gone viral on social media at that time.

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