India’s Growing Livestreaming Culture

Livestreaming has taken the world by storm in the last decade, and in India, this is no different. Supported by systems like Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram, users from all walks of life are getting involved, with implications reaching into many components of regular life. From friends to celebrities, this market presents a range of new possibilities, and it’s more accessible than you might think.

Expanding Reach

When we think of live streaming, our minds tend to jump to the biggest celebrities in the business , and for good reason. With celebrity culture operating in no small part as a popularity contest, it makes sense that being involved with live streaming would be a great way for famous people to stay relevant. In many ways, this is a reflection of the increasingly parasocial forms of appreciation we’ve found in the more connected age. We want to know more about celebrities, celebrities want to create an air of approachability, and live streaming works to connect these realities.

Livestreaming in this digital age Source: Unsplash
Livestreaming in this digital age Source: Unsplash

Of course, celebrities from old media represent only one corner of the online streaming ecosystem, with other branches reaching out from entertainment into current events and even education. These avenues can be as simple as people live streaming events to their friends, or as complicated as medical videos where we can offer our digital support to the people we care about.

The Technological Parallel

Stepping outside of more casual approaches, it’s important to note that how India manages live streaming is parallel to many other cultures, in that it reflects technological development. When live streaming first became viable with the public, its methods of implementation were limited, requiring costly equipment. Over the years, these barriers to entry have been reduced significantly, leading to an environment where formerly complex live streaming efforts are now simple and commonplace.

Livestreaming in this digital age Source: Unsplash
Livestreaming in this digital age Source: Unsplash

One such example of this in the professional space can be seen in how a service like an online casino in India manages live casino functionality. Operating alongside established favorites like slots and table games, live game streaming effectively combines the realism of physical casino play with online convenience. Offering a best of both worlds scenario, these newer types of casino games have proven themselves smash hits all over the world, especially in India, where hundreds of casinos with live streaming options are available.

A similar idea on a more casual basis is illustrated in the popularity of video game stream platforms like Twitch. With well over a million simultaneous viewers now par for the course, Twitch has been a great way for Indian video game enthusiasts to connect and spread their communal love of gaming.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take into account the effect that streaming and improving technology has had on simple news stories. With better phone cameras and mobile internet connectivity, getting local news stories streamed straight into our homes has never been easier. Whether you’re after sports events or more political updates, streaming has made everything more streamlined, and that seems to be the central lesson here.

While every country has been affected by the arrival and dominance of live streaming in some form or another, few can boast a relationship as effective as the one found in India. Whether connecting to friends, learning new skills, or just exploring new avenues of entertainment, live streaming’s potential is far greater than it might seem. With massive plans for better connectivity being implemented every day, live streaming is only going to get bigger, and there’s no telling how far this market in India could grow.