Akshay Kumar seen wearing girls’ clothes, users have fun on Twitter

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has recently become the spotlight of the town with a unique fashion choice. Akshay Kumar, who is known for great dressing, surprised millions of his fans with his gender-neutral dressing choice at the airport. Akshay was wearing a black loose palazzo. Seeing him, media people surrounded him from all sides and all the pictures and videos of Akshay Kumar are going viral on social media, seeing which users are expressing their views.

We would all agree that over the years, we have been used to seeing Akshay Kumar in his fitted tuxedos and baggy gym wear. Being a celebrity often means that whenever you go out in public you will be judged and expected to dress a certain way. However, without thinking twice, Akshay Kumar wore a gender-neutral kind of clothes. Akshay was seen at the airport with his daughter Nitara and wife Twinkle.

Akshay was wearing a short black kurta, which he teamed with a loose palazzo. She styled her look with black mules. He posed comfortably in front of people in his attire and looked very happy. However, her look was not liked by netizens. This video was from 24th December. After watching the video, users shared a variety of reactions. Akshay Kumar was trolled a lot in the comments.

One user wrote, ‘By mistake, He wearing mam’s palazzo.’ Another commented, “Ranveer is looking for his palazzo please return it.” Another writes: ” wearing Twinkle’s pajamas.”

Despite the trolling and comments from netizens, Akshay Kumar’s gender-neutral fashion choice has sparked conversations about breaking traditional norms in the entertainment industry. This bold move challenges stereotypes and promotes individuality. Whether one appreciates or criticizes his style, Akshay’s willingness to embrace diverse fashion choices sets an example for others in the public eye. The incident also highlights the importance of supporting personal expression and embracing a more inclusive approach to fashion, reflecting the evolving perspectives in society.

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